Compare the different coffee roasts that Origin offers.


Moto (Fire) – Dark Roast

Moto has a really strong fiery taste.

We have named this fine washed Arabica for its bold, full-bodied character and strong finish. It has a refined flavour with hints of caramel and dark chocolate. Moto is ideal for both plunger/filter and espresso machines.

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Menya (Clout or Hit) – Medium/Dark Roast

Menya helps to give you an extra hit.

This perfectly balanced coffee is deeply expressive with a soft satisfying slightly berry fruit flavour. Menya is the most popular roast for those with espresso machines but works equally well with a plunger.

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Kwacha (Dawn or Sunrise) – Light/Dark Roast

Kwacha is a great roast to start the new day.

Exotic Kwacha with its hints of almond and mild chocolate notes produces a sweet and lasting finish, and is the favourite of those who enjoy the dark roast adding the ‘bite’ to the ‘mellow’ touch. Fabulous for the plunger or espresso machine.

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Chamba (Dance) – Medium Roast

Chamba gives you a happy high and will get you dancing.

Representing soft well-rounded acidity, happy Chamba is a sweet coffee with excellent body and a delicate aroma of mixed spice. Is great for both espresso and plunger/filter machines

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